2017 Annual Jazz Celebration Concert Series


Jazz Celebration IX Concert Saturday, March 18, 2017

Concert @ 6:30 pm First Congregational Church 2401 Cornwall Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225
Admission: by suggested donation of $15

Headlining the 2017 show: Bellingham Dixieland All Stars

Its been said that Traditional Jazz is only traditional because it has no new music to offer it listeners.  As such, the music becomes classified as a “museum music” that only people interested in history would have an interest.  Not so fast – Louis Armstrong brought new songs during the 1950s like “Hello Dolly” “What a wonderful World” etc.  But the lack of new songs is also a problem because since Louis died a lot of new music did too.  Movies like “The Sting” brought back Ragtime with the revival of Scott Joplin’s music in fact, “The Entertainer”, “Maple Leaf Rag”, “Easy Winners” were popularized virtually overnight!  Musicals “Cabaret”, “Chicago”, and “The Great Gatsby” brought back the music of the Jazz Age, the 1920s.

But Bob Storms has another idea, why not keep playing new dixieland music yearly to audiences that are expecting new jazz music in the concert they attend.  You see, the support of jazz music doesn’t mean that jazz audiences are so limited that they can handle only one new song in an evening of jazz.  Bob has proved that yearly concerts of new dixieland, ragtime, swing and modern jazz will attract and please audiences.  This will be the ninth year of the annual Jazz Celebration series and for the first time will feature only one band, a dixieland band, The Bellingham Dixieland All Stars, rather than several bands playing various styles of jazz.  All musicians are local performers.

This year, the proceeds will be going to the homeless in Bellingham and Whatcom County.  Best-selling author, Richard LeMieux, (“Breakfast at Sally’s”) will attend and speak.  Richard wrote the book while homeless on the streets of Bremerton, where he lives but is no longer homeless.  He went homeless when he lost everything in his business during the economic downturn in 2002,  He was evicted and on the street very quickly, and subsequently lived in his van with his dog, Willow.  This is a “Willow” event.

Please make your New Years resolution to attend the concert and show support for Dixieland jazz, help the homeless and enjoy an evening of new Dixieland jazz.

Jazz Celebration IX – March 18, 2017  6:30 – 8:30 pm
First Congregational Church – Bellingham
2401 Cornwall Avenue
The concert is FREE to the public. Suggested donation $15 – tax deductible