Jazz Celebration X     May 04, 2019      Bellingham  

1 pm – 3 pm  admission.  $15

This year, the concert will be concentrating on a benefit for a small town in Mexico named Coatzingo.  The lack of work idles its workers and challenges the existence of its citizens to stay alive and yet, somehow they do.  Many sleep on the ground, have tepid water to drink and are in need of help.  Their story will be told at the concert, where the attendees can join in to help those people in their plight.  A new benefit program called, “Hearts, Hands and Hope” will be the recipients of the donations.  Donations are tax  deductible.  My daughters set up the charity after visiting Coatzingo over ten years ago.

Visit the website Hearts, Hands, and Hope to get a better understanding of the need for help.  What you will see mostly will be the effects of the HH&H assistance that has given the town a sense of pride and ownership of their future that wasn’t there when the ladies first started the program.  Its a success story that still needs even more success. 

The Hearts, Hands and Hope team will present a slide show of their latest work.  Its gratifying to see the progress that has been made.  We hope that you will save the date and join us for some Latin American music.  There will be rumbas, cha chas, mambos, sambas, bossanovas and more, all played by local musicians.

I hope that you’ll watch this site for details yet to come regarding the concert. 

Bob Storms