Personnel: Bob Storms – leader/reeds, Mary Michaelson – vocals, Jerry Fenwick – trumpet, flugelhorn, Clive Collins – trombone, Steve Rudy – piano, Bruce Maurier – string bass, Brent Storms – drums.

Since its inception, in 2009, the Bellingham Dixieland All Stars have played the best dixieland music in Whatcom County. And through those beginning years the band was swinging for dancing and listeners in Canada, and as far south as Olympia and continue to do so today.

The band was formed when two well-known dixieland jazz players came to Whatcom County to retire and were looking for a band to join. The leader, Bob Storms, recognized their talent and set about gathering up the best and most available players to form a band around them. The All Stars band became made up of bandleaders. Each player had valuable experience performing in jazz festivals where the best bands are utilized. That experience saved hours of rehearsal time as the players were up to any of the challenges and demands of any dixieland repertoire. In short, they were already expert, and experienced dixieland players and knew their music. Only two changes in personnel has been needed, A female vocalist was added in 2014, her name is Mary Michaelson. Mary is also a bandleader and, like the others, knows her repertoire very well. The other is an new bass player, Bruce Maurier, who recently retired here in Whatcom County and has caught the attention of the local musicians with his fine playing.

The Bellingham Dixieland All Stars is known for its artistry and “new dixieland jazz music”. Bob is a composer of over a thousand songs and the band performs some in each show. Otherwise, the dixieland music they play is what the listeners and dancers are expecting to hear – standard dixieland songs that people love to listen and dance to. The music of the 20s, & 30s is thought to be the dixieland era but Louis Armstrong introduced “Hello Dolly”, “What A Wonderful World” and “Cabaret” and others to the music as jazz standards in the 1950s.

Every toe will be tapping as the Bellingham Dixieland All Stars performs their show. Its easy to listen to, and dance to, as well.

Don’t miss this band! Its a great experience to hear dixieland music played well and surely all ages will enjoy the music’s charm.