CD – “All Stars” Bellingham Dixieland All Stars

This CD is the first by the Bellingham Dixieland All Stars and is a mixture of Traditional Jazz standards and original songs and tunes by band leader, Bob Storms. It was recorded at Sound Bellingham Studio in 2017.  Working the idea of Traditional Jazz music (aka “Dixieland”) being done in the traditional way and new music, which is also is played in the traditional style of Dixieland but has not earned the time-honored status of Trad Jazz as it is new music.

Various styles of jazz are represented on the CD: Ragtime, Cakewalk, Dixieland, Ballad and Latin.

The band is celebrating its eleventh year together and is to celebrate the mark at the annual concert Jazz Celebration XI on *May 4, 2019 @ 3 pm – YWCA of Bellingham, WA

*Tentative date & venue