Big Band Jazz


Jazz Celebration X     May 20, 2018     First Baptist Church of Bellingham   3 pm – 5 pm  admission.$15

The first half of Jazz Celebration X will feature a local musician who graduated from Bellingham High School and Western Washington University who went in the the service shortly after graduation. The musician, Paul Sorensen, is well known in Whatcom County as both a band leader and an outstanding musician. His primary instrument as he came through the Bellingham Schools, W.W.U. and the Navy School of Music was the saxophone. He was named the Outstanding Musician at the Navy School of Music after only six months! He learned to play jazz on the piano during his days in the service and plays as much on keyboard today as he does on the sax. Paul is the leader of the Paul Sorensen Big Band and will be our featured band for the Jazz Celebration X concert. His jazz quartet, The Paul Sorensen Quartet plays engagements in and around Bellingham, most often at the Martini Bar. The big band will be playing music that Paul has composed and arranged for the large jazz ensemble of eighteen players. His name as an arranger is very respected in our area and local musicians find his arrangements both jazzy, musical and challenging to perform. The skills he has developed as an arranger have earned him a reputation for a professional sound and an exciting one as well.

The entire second part of the concert will spotlight music composed by Robert (Bob) Storms and will be varied in styles throughout.  You’ll hear Ragtime, Dixieland, Swing, Latin and Modern jazz styles. The performing groups (on this website) are the usual cast of players: the Bellingham Dixieland All Stars – featuring the vocals of Mary Michaelson, Stormy Sea and the Gales (Bob’s family band) and our Spotlight Feature of the evening will be a ……..(wait for it….) Sax – O – rama.  What that means is that every available prominent saxophone player in our area will be invited to perform in a mass of saxophones, of all sizes, for the last few numbers and the Grand Finale. So far, over fourteen saxophone players have already agreed to play. The saxophones will be of as many sizes as possible so you will get to see a collection of saxophones like you have never seen before. There will be tiny sopraninos, sopranos, altos, tenors, baritones and the bass saxophones that are huge.  Trust that it will be a “photo op.” like never seen before in Bellingham.